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This is widely considered to be the ulitmate toolset for security risk professionals.

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The Leading Security Risk Analysis and ISO 27000 Compliance Tool





Risk Consultant was originally launched in the nineties, and has continued to develop and move forward since then. It provides a unique "next generation" approach to security risk analysis and is now firmly established as the premier security solution. It is a questionnaire based Windows PC tool, using 'expert' system principles and a set of extensive knowledge bases.


COBRA Risk Consultant Will:


Identify system threats, vulnerabilities and exposures.


Measure the degree of actual risk for each area or aspect of a system, and directly link this to the potential business impact.


Offer detailed solutions and recommendations to reduce the risks.


Provide business as well as technical reports.







Risk Consultant will objectively and meticulously evaluate the relative importance of all threats and vulnerabilities, and generate appropriate solutions and recommendations. It will automatically link the risks identified with the potential implications for the business unit. Alternatively, a particular area or issue can be examined 'stand alone', without any impact association.


The Risk Consultant approach offers a number of distinct and essential advantages over traditional review tools.




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