Security Risk Analysis & Assessment, and ISO 27000 Compliance

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This is widely considered to be the ulitmate toolset for security risk professionals.

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The Leading Security Risk Analysis and ISO 27000 Compliance Tool





COBRA comes equipped with four discrete knowledge bases:


The IT Security (or default) knowledge base

The Operational Risk knowledge base

The 'Quick Risk' or 'high level risk' knowledge base.

The e-Security knowledge base.

These all serve different functions: the first two provide for comprehensive and detailed risk assessment in their respective domains. The third enables a rapid high level assessment of a whole business system. The latter knowledge base was specifically constructed to cover modern network based systems.


The Risk Consultant knowledge bases cover security threats comprehensively. Each area of potential risk is fully addressed, often by specific question/knowledge modules. A sample of those included in the IT Security knowledge base for example are:


Logical Access; Development

System Audit; Hardware; Hazards; System Design

Operations; Networks; Personnel; Physical Access

Change Control; System Access; Contingency

Security Management; Security Awareness; Security Administration

Systems Programming; Functional Control


The system actually contains the knowledge of a multitude of consultants and security experts. This knowledge and expertise can be deployed and re-deployed with ease and flexibility, to address your security needs.



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